Some of my Favorite

Random Favorite – Coffee

Nothing beats the smell of a good coffee in the morning…

February 2019, I was back to my hometown in Malacca. It was the fourth day of Chinese Lunar New Year. My brother found a cool cafe with this vintage look.

We just decide to make a visit the next morning.

We woke up super early to beat the traffic to catch a big breakfast and a good cup of coffee.

Ohh… how I love the smell of coffee the first thing in the morning. (I’m sure you do to, if you love coffee as much as me)

It was a new cafe and it has such vintage ambiance, beautiful wall art and classic Nyonya kitchen ware as decoration.

As a Nyonya myself, we used to have all those – mum probably still has them but never used it as deco. Hahaha.

Somehow, entering that cafe makes all of us feel at home. It’s beautiful isn’t it?

Now that I’m writing this sharing with you, I wish I would have kept the name of the cafe. Not only I could return to that place but I can also share it with you.

Well, it won’t be my last time going back home. I will get some good recommendation and share it.

Let’s keep in touch… 😊 Thanks for reading.


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