The Journey (Ep5)

I wanted the experience…

Day one at work…

Introducing myself to the whole office. It was a small local distributor company. Feels at home, colleagues are close to each other, bosses are friendly and supportive. I felt good vibes in this company.

Division manger then hands me a couple of procedure books to read and learn. Just to give me an idea of what sort of products they sell.

After books, then comes the big catalogues.

I had so much of questions. But, bosses were busy with reports… So, I approached one of my colleague, she was the one and only team member I have since we were doing the same instrumentation and seeing the same doctors in the same discipline.


Every time I asked her a question, she’ll explain and show me a little, and then, she’ll say “GO AND READ THE CATALOGUE”!

That’s when the drama starts…

I continue reading the catalogue myself, going through each and every chapter. I started to get bored in the office as I’ve spent a whole month just reading and reading and reading.

After what I felt was ages, my boss then approached me and brief me about my hospital coverage and said it’s time for field visit. I had a huge smile on my face and hun YES! FINALLY!

I needed to get the hell out of the office. So, we went out, met a few doctors and more doctors the next couple of weeks and learnt so much.

After a month or two doing field visit with guidance, it’s time to be independent. That’s when I had more questions from doctors when I wasn’t able to answer them.

I learnt my mistakes and common questions they were asking. Once I’m done with field visit, I went back to the office, running to my team mate and asked her how and where can I find this and that.

Again, she’ll show me and tell me a little and then she’ll say “GO AND READ THE CATALOGUE”. Not once… Not twice… All the time!

Then I asked myself, why is she not helping me?

Why is she so rude? I’m her only ream member, aren’t we suppose to work together as a team?

But… I have to fan for myself all the time. (It’s exhausting)

So, I decided to just read the catalogue. Up to a stage where I could memorise the whole chapter on each catalogue.

It’s like, I became the product dictionary.

That’s when I stop asking her anything and started to be resourceful myself. After six months of self learnt. I went to my customers with answers and requesting for advise and questions I have about my own product.

They taught me so much. Those doctors and nurses have became my teacher.

Other colleagues have asked me, why am I still working with her. Why am I still sticking around in the same division and in the company. She is a pain in the a**.

She yells at others, pick fights for no reason and never offer any support or what so ever. Same team, same division but you get f*** all.

How are you able to compromise and continue this journey with her? Just because she has the most knowledge and experience for that product. The company treated her like an asset. Well, GOOD ON HER!

You see, for me, it’s only her. Not the company. It’s easy to deal with someone like her.

Throughout my journey in that company, having her as my ream mate is one of the best time of my life.

I see myself growing in knowledge, I see my own capabilities and withstand the biggest wave I’ve ever encountered. I have to think two, three, ten steps ahead before approaching her to ask her one question or even talk to her.

Believe it or not, same team, just the two of us, covering the whole of Malaysia including East Malaysia is very taxing. Her jealousy, price, fear and ego is high – high enough to crush your career.

Sharing and passing on her knowledge to teach a new employee is not in her dictionary. She wants to keep all the knowledge and experience to herself.

Because of her…

I am who I am today! I am thankful and grateful for that

I took the liberty to push myself and learn. Wanting to be better than her in other areas.

Oh boy, this is gonna be a long story…

…till the next episode of my story. 😊 Thanks for reading!

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.

Mahatma Gandhi

Episode 6


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