The Journey (Ep6)

I wanted the experience…

I started creating my own scripts in my head before approaching her.

Thinking of all the answers and questions she might ask me back so I have all the answers to those possible questions.

Call me over thinking but that’s how you need to deal with her. She has a shot gun with no bullets to use on me. She carries the shot gun every where she goes with me and always on a stand by right next to her. Just waiting for that moment to use it one someone.

I avoided all possible areas and never gave her a single change to even lift up that gun.

We would attend three to four convention together and it’s always my car that’s filled with instrumentation and equipments. It’s me that became her driver, errand lady, delivery woman and etc…

In my two and a half years of time in that company. I’ve only sat in her car once or twice. Probably just once.

I don’t even remember what car she has. Hahaha. Oh well, I bring my guard down and just accepted it.

Taking it as a learning curve. Now I have a story to share with you. So, three to four convention in a year and a lot of travelling. I was barely back home. I spend two and a half weeks away and would only be home for less than a week in a month and back on the road travelling from one state to another.

I love the product, dislike my colleagues, love the travelling but it’s getting really tiring when you have to drive between five to eight hours between states.

Got accused by my ex boyfriend for cheating because I’m always away. On top of that, I have to think about my bills, work, life and gaining the experience I need, building a name for myself in the industry so I could build a career from it.

My ex didn’t like the working hours and me being away for too long. And, I’m always coming back k home tired and sometimes falling sick. We would get into arguments and fights because of it.

Good enough that I could only spend less than a week back home.

Guess how we spent our days together? Fights and arguments. Isn’t that sad? That’s not life. I hated my relationship life back then. It was so stressful to be back home, whenever I’m home, I can’t wait to leave.

That relationship didn’t last eight, I left and walk away from a five year relationship. Much happier and I had this big relief. As tho, the burden on my shoulders are all gone.

Anyway, not going to share that part of story. Now, lets get back to Ms CB. After proving myself to the division manager, he was very happy with my performance. Impressed with how fast I learnt.

He decided to send me to Germany for further training. First year, first training trip.

After the training was done, I had to sign a bond to stay in the company for three years.

Fair enough, and I wanted to learn, so I signed the bond. (Yay, prison for 3 years)

Eventually, Ms CB and myself got along and it was for a moment. Only for a moment, it was all sweet and lovely. We would go for breakfast and lunch together and starts talking like long lost friends.

I was surprised and wondered why. What’s going on? Why this sudden change? She shared a news saying the team will be hiring 1 additional sales employee. So you’re a senior now.

Wow, Hooray, not much of travelling anymore – I said to myself.

Pheww, as we got closer, I started asking her why she treated me the way she did before when I first joined the company. It’s hilarious….

… till the next episode of my story. 😊 Thanks for reading.

Patience is not passive, on the contrary, it is concentrated strength – Bruce Lee

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