Writing My Own Destiny…

Racheal Tan | 9 mins read | 1934 words

“I Was Told to Do This… And It Has Completely Change My Life”

I was like a typical student with a big sigh after completing a course. It was the High-Ticket Closing course by Dan Lok.

I had no plans or what so ever to enrol for any courses and I never knew who Dan Lok was. 

Just like most people, I had a typical mindset of work hard, money will flow well — I definitely won’t be rich thinking this way!

One morning in March 2018, my boyfriend sent me a link of Dan Lok… He said : Hun, check this out. I have my thoughts but I want to know yours. So I did. I watch the Intro video, it was about 20-30 minutes long I think, and I replied to him… “Go for it. This dude is GOOD! What he says, it’s absolutely TRUE… —Thinking that he wanted to do the course.

Without much explanation, he said to me… “Okay, I’m going to sign YOU up!” I was like, “HUH”… Why me? Long story short. I was thrown into doing the course… Because I said YES! It turned out to be the best decision we made. It has completely changed both our lifes. Not only we think different now… Our relationship has also grown so much. 

Why am I telling you all this?

You see, If you just attend courses, reading hundreds of books and NO ACTION taken is pointless. I realised that I needed a mentor. I needed this change. I needed to take action. So, I started to execute and implement the process of this new high income skills to my business immediately… 

In less than three months, I doubled my monthly income. How amazing it that? You may be thinking I am such a discipline person. WRONG! I am NOT a DISCIPLINE student whom finishes each and every assignment given. I am a very stubborn girl and will always rebel. I am always submitting my assignments at the very last minute. And sometimes never…

If I want to succeed, I have to complete them! So when Dan Lok introduced us with a new course — High-Income Copywriter… My eyes lid up and without hesitation, I said to myself… “I WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL” The excitement I had was so overwhelmed… Week 1 and week 2 of High-Income Copy Writing class passed and I am proud to still have a strong mindset.

But right after completing week 3… I felt extremely confuse LOCKED in a VORTEX! So much to do and so much to learn…

Now, let’s jump into some of it.

Homework and Assignment (I was told to hand write 503 pages!)

“SERIOUSLY?” Geez… – I still did it!

I will spend some minutes downloading all resources given and some minutes scrolling up and down looking through the number of pages.  And a couple more minutes planning on my priority on which homework to do and what to do.

I will write them down and rewrite to organise my homework before I start doing it. Each and every homework done, I will strike it off my list. Compile all pages and punch holes for filing (Preparing for my first million dollar SWIPE FILE).

I looked through those pages again after being filed and I had this energy passing through my body which gave me goose bumps.

“It was a feeling of SATISFACTION”…

I have taken another step further to learn something NEW. A new skill…

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that everyone has different ways of doing things. Nobody care, as long as you “JUST DO IT”


Even though you think nobody cares, SOMEONE WILL!

So, I spent hours and hours of writing. I have blisters on my thumb and I still continue to write. It is almost to a point where I have a permanent blister on the same spot.

When I can’t bare the pain and my fingers were getting numb. I took a break from writing and started doing some research… 

Research — FACEBOOK INSIGHT… GOOGLE ANALYTIC… (What’s that? A voice runs through my head)

I have absolutely no frigging idea what I am looking at! I see boxes, charts, gender separation, industries being categorised and I don’t understand anything!

Back then, as a medical sales rep, i was only interested in sales, numbers, percentage, profit, products, features and benefit.

 Straight to the point “RESULTS”…

Now that I am a young entrepreneur, I should learn how to read the simplest data. (Or the most IMPORTANT blueprint)

I also noticed there are many different platforms and ways to do “Market Research”. I have not gone into each and every page that was mentioned by Dan Lok.

But, the best way I find is to simply talk to people. We get to know their tonality and body language.

My point is… we are in a new world that’s evolving at a very fast pace.

IF I DO NOT LEARN NOW… I will LOSE and will not GROW! IF I DO NOT LEARN NOW… I NEVER will see RESULTS as FAST by understanding my MARKET better in different ways! IF I DO NOT LEARN NOW… I NEVER will!  And so, I have to make this change NO MATTER what it takes.

Blue Ocean Or Red Ocean?(Be Laser focus on your “NOW GOAL”)

Before I started High-Ticket Closing & High-Income Copywriting, I procrastinate so much and wasted 3 years of my life not doing it.

There wasn’t much purpose in life for me… Even though I have my own goals and vision. It’s like… If it’s there, it’s there. If it’s not there, so be it. 

I was not a hungry lion. Not hungry enough to chase for it. I’ve quit my job, got the freedom and flexibility i want.

But, something is missing…

MONEY! LOADS and LOADS of money! 

Yes, I’ve achieve the freedom and flexibility but I have not achieve the income that I want. Now that I’m a swimming coach and a young entrepreneur.

I cannot stop here. I have to think out of the box.

Be different…

So, I changed my way of teaching by communicating in some ways others won’t. 

Changing my student’s mindset about Confidence, Fear, Lower Self, Bravery, Focus, Believe, etc… etc…

And that’s when it happened…

My message box was full with enquiries! 

You see what I mean by taking action?

I wanted to be different and the best in town. I wanted to learn and practise more.

So… What did I do? 

In June 2019. I told myself that I want to start a personal blog to improve my writing. I didn’t care about who would read it or what would they say about my writing, grammar or if I am paraphrasing it the right way.

Just like that, in my pyjamas signing up for a FREE personal blogging page. I write about the journey of my life… (by episodes).

I’m sure some of you are familiar with some of my post…

I thought nobody will ever like my story or even follow me on my blog but I was WRONG… 

Dan Lok said, even if no-one cares, someone will. (Thank you for being that someone) And if you don’t start… you will never know. 

Who am I to write and share the journey of my life? I’m a nobody. I’m not rich and famous. 

I’m just a girl that used to be a sales rep and quit my job to pursue the freedom I want…

NO! I don’t think this way anymore! I think of ways to improve constantly – to generate a higher income – to be a better version of myself – to be learning new skills – to read more books. 

I ask is this…

Do I want to be RICH?

YES or NO! If you’re saying YES like me. Let’s Celebrate together! 

Now, let’s talk about the last point I have.

Copy (You’ll get there hun, said my boyfriend)

Practise, practise, practise… 

Seek help from your very own inner circle community. (Dan Lok has over 6000 students from over 150 countries) To be precise, it is 6189 members and it’s a “Closed Group”. You have to be a student to be granted access into this group.

It is there for reason…

A couple of months ago, I started going through examples of short content, ads, images and design template post for my own social media platforms.  I have no background with content writing, designing, or anything got to do with “Digital Marketing”. 

I didn’t know the power of two post a day or five post a day. I’m starting to get the idea and understand why it’s so powerful in business.

When someone tells me, my content is getting better, means I’m improving. Which is good right? 

I used to be the lone wolf. I always think, if I want to get something done right, do it yourself!

Obviously I was wrong… 

I started to get advise and help from like minded people.  People I trust that will also encourage me in what I’m doing… 

And for the first time, after week 5 class of High-Income Copywriting. I got so overwhelm, confused with mixed feelings. I resorted to my boyfriend.

I poured out how I felt…

I was so stressed out, the amount of homework I have to do and catch up with pass weeks homework is impossible for me. 

But then again, if other students can complete them. No reason why I can’t. In just one sentence he said to me, “You’ll Get There hun”. – I am not being melodramatic…

The weird thing about that is…

I reach out to others for emotional support, encouragement and advise.

My lower self was debating with my higher self. 

I chose to stick with a “Positive Mental Attitude”. 

Weirdly, encouragement and good things started to flow in naturally. 

Like water…

So, if you have someone out there that you trust… swim to them.  The next day, I continued looking through my notes, hand write all examples given, organising them in ways I would understand and learn faster.

Then… my sister approaches me and asked for my help. She wanted me to translate a copy for her… from English to Malay. With the given structure from week five, I did it in 30 mins.

You must be thinking, Oh it’s just a translation… Seriously, It can be tough if the sentence don’t sound right. I had to google up the right words in Malay and create a whole new sentence.

For someone like me, I see the change in myself…

What I’m trying to say here is, just practise in any way you feel comfortable. I never though I would be able to come up with that in 30 mins.

You can always choose to move a little closer to being the person you need to be to reach your goals every day. 

And step-by-step… day by day… your life will get better and better. 

And soon enough you’ll be able to achieve it. 

Here’s my 7 POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE to keep me going. 

  1. Decide What You Want. (Write it down)
  2. Hold 2 Visions (Short term & Long term)
  3. Ignore Everyone (Literally everyone)
  4. Maintain a Good Daily Habits. (Exercise and affirmations)
  5. Take possession of your mind. (You are in control)
  6. Determine your resources. (Dream big, think big)
  7. Focus one specific goal at a time. (I chose one from short term that leads to long term vision)

“Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” ~ Lao Tzu

One step closer to our vision…

Thanks for reading.

Sharing my experience,  Racheal Tan

P.S. If you think this post has motivated you in some ways or inspired you… Please leave a comment below.


4 thoughts on “Writing My Own Destiny…

  1. Thanks Racheal for sharing your thoughts. You serves as my shortcut, my accelerator :-). Your life’s experiences, your journey in switching your life’s direction gives me idea what kind of life is possible ahead of me. I am aiming for more freedom like you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there, thank you for reading! I’m glad you’ve found an idea for what lies ahead of you. Keep striving! Keep yourself motivated on your goals! You’ll most likely achieve it.



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