The Journey (Ep 11)

In Rainbows – We fell down and mum’s motorcycle squashed on me…

I was 5 years old and mum was picking me up from kindergarten – Nobody help us.

It was on a busy road, cars stopped at a traffic light, people were just watching us as we fell.

Why won’t they help us mum? Why won’t anyone come out of their cars? Why won’t the passer-by stop to help us?

Mum kept quiet and didn’t know how to respond.

How would you react? What would you say to such actions from people with such attitude or character to a 5 year old? – Especially when you want to lead by good examples.

So, from that age onwards, I watch and observe peoples reactions.

I wise man told me once… “Respect is to be earned! If you respect me, you’ll be given the respect you deserve.”

The next morning, I still had the why questions in mind.

Because where i lived often rains with rays of sunlight piercing through the clouds, we get to see rainbows. Sometimes double rainbows and it’s breathtakingly beautiful.

As i was a little girl, I had many bad memories. But, it’s not all bad. There were beautiful and great memories too. Otherwise I won’t be sharing my journey with you.

Because of where I used to live, and rainbows. It has gotten me to forget all the bad memories and incident that had fallen upon me.

So, have you seen any rainbows lately? Or have you walked through something that made you forget your bad memories, bad experiences and bad past so you could continue to move forward and not look back.

The point of my story is, people can be fucked up sometimes. But, are you going to bring yourself to their level? Are you going to let your lower-self talk you into accepting that?


Are you a go giver and an action taker?

A couple of months ago, i went for a diving trip and right after the trip, I saw a beautiful rainbow crossing the ocean. I looked at it, smile and my right hand were on my chest feeling my heart beating with gratitude. 

I hope for my family here to find that “Rainbow”.

“Don’t seek to be happy; let everyone else chase after that rainbow. Seek to be kind, and you’ll find the rainbow follows you” ― Richelle E. Goodrich

Rainbow across an ocean.

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