The Journey (Ep3)

… Back to year ” 1999 ”

I wanted to look for a part-time job so I could earn my own money….

I finished high school! Woohoo, That’s what we all wanted back then. Age 17, just wanted to leave school and have the freedom to go anywhere and do whatever.

I wanted to earn my own money so I don’t need to ask my parents any. Both my parents were really strict with me.

Can’t go out. Can’t do this. Can’t wear this and that. As a young adult, I was restricted on so many things and that frustrates me.

That’s why, I wanted to be out there and earn my own income.

They’ll say, as long as you live under my roof, we have our rules. Fair enough.

At that age, I couldn’t afford to get my own place so, I had to just accept their rules and keep that roof above my head.

The first part-time job I had was with my cousin sister. She owns a wedding boutique. I took home only Rm500-700 (USD120-170) a month. I was learning how to sea beads onto wedding dresses, prom dresses and dinner gowns.

I’ve been very much into handicraft since age six. I love sewing, making things, playing with needles and thread, even though it’s a small amount of income. I enjoyed my time learning and sewing beads on wedding and dinner gowns.

After a few months, dad and I went for college hunting. I wanted to do fashion but it was too expensive. And the course took a bit longer than I thought.

Next option was IT – Information Technology. Hmmm, not my favourite choice but at that time, it was everybody’s favourite to do for.


I settled for it. Did it for two years, which was supposed to be a three years diploma course. I failed a couple of subjects and I didn’t want to continue. I told my dad about it and apologies I wasted so much money during those two years.

I told him, I wanted to start working and he was supportive of my decision.

After a couple of nomad jobs. Selling food coupons, cold calling sales (Hated it), hard selling – knocking door to door getting corporate sign up for credit cards. Ugh, few months passed and I thought it’ll be better for me to get a real job.

What I meant a real job was, a stable monthly income.

Selling coupons and getting sign ups for credit cards were based on commission and it wasn’t what I wanted to do long term.

Getting paid pennies is not what I had in mind so I registered myself at a Recruitment agency.

After a few months from it, they found two companies that were looking for a junior administrative clerk. I went for the first interview. We got connected so well but they did not hire me through the working agency (they wanted to avoid the fee).

The second interview was what I was hoping to get. That was the first medical company and it all started from there.

After 4 months, the initial company that I went for an interview contacted me back. They asked if I would reconsider their offer. They increase the salary for me but I was already happy being in the medical company.

So, I rejected their offer.

I saw opportunities in that company for a bright future. So, I stayed in this for about two and a half years starting in year 2002. I was at the age 20.

Employed as an administrative clerk, I did that for a year before switching to sales. Big change for me and I love what I was doing.

The product was an American based product. It is such a great product to sell. After a year, I notice people are leaving the company and I was told that this company is just a stepping stone to the most sales people.

They’ll start fresh from no experience and once they have gained some, they’ll move on to a better company.

Hmmm, that company wasn’t bad. I believe it was a great company to work in. However, personal growth and advancement aren’t available in that place.

After one and. half year, I wanted to join the army reserve just for the experience purposes. Malaysian second line of force, the army reserve. I had to take a month off for the training.

So did I do it? Hell yeh.

I wrote in and request for one-month unpaid leave. Obviously it was rejected. So, send in my resignation letter.

A couple of days before I had to start my training. I was referred to a local distributor. They are the sole distributor for German products – Equipment and instrumentation.

I was offered the job immediately and he said, your employment letter will be ready once you’re back from your training.

Always have been grateful for this journey I make. This is where the roller coaster life begins.

…till the next episode of my story. 😊 Thanks for reading.

Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want – Jim Rohn

Episode 4


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