The Journey (Ep8)

I wanted the experience…

Division manger approached me to share some of his expansion plans. He wants to build a new team, wanting to penetrate into a different market.

And he was hoping I’d start to learn the product and also start looking for KOL’s – Key Opinion Leaders to market this new discipline and eventually lead a whole new team.

A team of my own. YES!

I was happy to get away from Ms CB. Not being in her team and not doing what she’s doing anymore is just a relieved. That shows, i have nothing to do with her or her discipline anymore.

I’ll be having my own team and meeting different clients…

But… NOPE!! She didn’t like the fact that I will have more knowledge than her. Because, what I’ll learn in Germany is not something new, but is a field she doesn’t have any knowledge of and it’s also completely new in Malaysia.

She got jealous of fact that I’ve been given this opportunity instead of her.

Oh, come on.

So, despite all the jealous and hatred she has for me. I was sent to Germany again for another training. This time, it’s a completely new product. Heaps to learn and positioning myself in this niche industry has became a competition between us.

Rach – 1 Ms CB – 0.

Well, this is not a competition and I’m grateful I’ve been given this opportunity to expand my knowledge. And also the bosses recognising my talents and capabilities of a “whole” expansion for the company.

So, off I go to Tuttlingen, Germany. It’s beautiful small township where everyone knows everyone. Majority of the people there is working in some medical factory / company.

It’s like a little medical suburb. It’s just lovely.

I spent close to almost 14 days for training and hospital visitation observing surgeries.

Nothing special or interesting happened during period apart from having a wonderful experience filled with knowledge.

Now, back to reality. Back to Malaysia. Time to put my training in good use.

Turn it into sales, into revenue, into some money…

So much to do and loads of work – And that six months pays off well.

I sold 2 system to our local hospital and began to attend, assisting doctors the right technique for their newly purchased system. It all went perfectly well as I planned.

Division manger praised me for the good work I’ve done and offered to start building my own team.

I requested for another sales representative so I could transfer my focus on field visit and not waste too much time by attending surgeries. He agreed but didn’t took any action.

Weeks past…

He started to accused me for not paying much attention in different region or state for new growth. I was like, hmmm… I can’t just simply leave my doctors without someone being there assisting him in the operating theatre. They still needed the guidance as it is a fairly new system.

I requested for someone new so I can train this new employee but nothing in months. How am I suppose to split myself up?

That’s when Ms CB saw an opportunity to interfere. She started to see weaknesses and that’s when she picked on old dramas. Now I’ve got two shot guns pointing at me at the same time.

Office politics and gossips goes around and everyone basically looked at me as the bad person. I had to be very careful with what I say and emails I send out.

Black and white documentation is a must for every action I take to cover up my a**. This is not an environment that I would like to continue working in.

No doubt, having my own team, career growth is there but this? I don’t think so. (Would you? )

So what I want? because gossips and office politics is going to be everywhere. Depends on how we accept and look at it.

I see myself growing but there’s always a thousand of obstacles that stops my growth in this company.

Then I though to myself, I have one more year until I complete my bond that I signed. Let’s just do my job, get it done. Suffer with all her bullshit for another one more year and then, I will leave.

Oh, speaking about leaving, I actually did tendered my resignation before I took up this offer. And at that time, I was still in Ms CB’s team. This was before the two new employee came in.

I completely forgot about that story.

So, what happened was, I tendered my resignation because I had enough of her BS.

Division manger didn’t say anything, saw my letter and left the office. I remembered it was towards the end of the day that I left the letter on his desk.

Didn’t acknowledge anything about it but the nest day, first thing in the morning. He asked for and emergency meeting. Hmmm, we all gathered, the four of us. Two of each team.

We had two different team at that time doing two different product line.

So, the boss – smelling of alcohol in the morning, telling us about team work and try not to kill one another. Non of us said a word and I would assume he has informed the rest about my resignation. But nah… Naddah…

So, I left it as it is and continue my daily routine. On the same day, I received a phone call from Ms CB asking me if I’ll be back to the offie later in the day. I firmly said NO and asked her why?

She said, “Let’s have breakfast tomorrow”.

The first thing I had in my mind was “WOW”. What has gotten into her? This is weird…

Anyway, we had breakfast and she shared the news about my resignation. I Said yes, so what’s wrong with that? She started to admit all her wrong doings, the gossips and politics that she started about me.

All the back stabbing and how poorly she and others treated me. Also agreed and said that I’m the best sales rep that she has ever worked with. I’ve proven to her that I can do a good job (What the hell? I don’t need to prove myself to anyone.) and last but not least…

The word that I’ve been waiting to hear from her.

“I’m Sorry” for treating you badly. I apologise on behalf of the rest that has treated you badly as well. Will you reconsider your resignation and stay in the team.

Of course, I came in terms with her and gave her an ultimatum.

“Team Work”, No more backstabbing. If I make a mistake, express and say it. I’d do the same and both agreed.

That’s why I stayed on and continued this journey.

So, back to the paragraph before.

As I continued my usual routine, weeks past, a month past, I didn’t have the passion anymore.

Not for the product, but for the daily commute into the office. It wasn’t alive anymore and it’s deteriorating my health, emotions and life. I din’t stay for another year.

Not long after, I tendered my resignation again. This time, the boss said, give me a few months…

Let me get someone in for you to train of this new product, then we’ll discuss again about your resignation.

Again, in my mind, I was like… Why? Why wait until I gotta hand in a letter for you to take action to get a new employee?

Why wait until this moment? It’s too late dude.

Although I agreed to stay a little longer until he hires a new employee, I gave him 4 months to get someone in.

The office felt like a marketplace…

Finance department starts to calculate on my penalty fee for leaving before my bond ends. I had another 6 months to go before the deadline. Division manager walks in and out of the CEO’s room – I have no idea why. There I was, just sitting in my desk observing every single move everyone is making.

Finance manager got Calle into CEO’s room multiple times. And I suddenly felt this peaceful feeling in me.

This inner peace that I’ve been wanting is finally here. The though of me leaving that company gave me peace. The action I took for leaving the company accelerated my purpose and inner peace.

After pondering in my own space, I left the office to continue work as usual. Visiting key opinion leaders to inform that I’ll be leaving the company and everything will be taken over by someone new.

My job is done!

I went back to the office to start packing my books, files and get organised a little. The finance manager approached me with a calculation, showing me two trips and how much the company have spent on me.

I asked her if I signed for the other bond, the second trip? If no, why are you giving me a wrong calculation? I told her : I don’t mind paying but I think you should clarify this with the managers.

She stood there clueless and said, alright.

The net day, CEO called me in for a chat, we both smiled and had a good chat. After that, he asked me one question. He said, “Do you think, you can close an eye about Ms CB’s attitude?

I replied immediately, No, I had enough of her. I’ve been patience and dealing with it for more than two years now. I don’t think I can continue working with someone like that. I’m sorry.

He then page the finance manger to enter his room and told hearths firmly…

” Whatever that i’m going to say, stays in the room”

I don’t want this news to leave the room. Forget about Racheal’s bond, let her leave and do not accept a single cent from her, understand?

Oh boy, I was so happy. So grateful. I smiled and thank him for what he just said. And we left the room.

… till the next episode of my story. 😊 Thanks for reading.

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step

— Lao Tzu

Episode 9


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