Short Story : Sample of writing practise.

Steady there. Don’t drop the…

She said : It’s too full.

I said : No it’s not. I can make it.

She said : I just bought those. Walk carefully… just make sure you don’t trip.

I said : Okay, I will. I’m walking really slow right now. Just stop talking.

“She opens a box of pastries” – Smells delicious!

I stopped walking and said : What’s that? Can I have one?

She said : Only if you walk over without tripping that jar.

I said : Alright…

” Three steps away and there was a folded rug which I didn’t see”

Right before I took my next step, she said, “Steady there, Don’t drop the Jar”. I tripped on that folded rug and fell straight down – along with thousands of tiny beads.

Guess what I had to do next?

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