The Journey (Ep9)

First two weeks break.

Hi guys, it’s been a while since my lat post about “The Journey”. Here’s another episode that will make you want to read. I went for a couple of meetings and interview, that one particular reply was hilarious…

They say I’m not the company’s material. (What the hell is that?)

I had no plans to meet anyone nor going for an interview. I just wanted to enjoy my “Me Time” for bit.

And for the first time throughout those years, I felt the “FREEDOME”.

I ended a long toxic relationship, 6 months before I tendered my resignation and I stood my ground, defended myself towards toxic work mates.

Things were getting better for me and I was happy once again.

The very next day, I put on my bikini, went downstairs by the pool to enjoy a good sun tan while reading and listening to some music.

I got a phone call from an ex-colleague asking me to go for an interview at the company he’s working in – Boy… news travelled pretty fast about me jobless.

So, the next day, I went to the office. We had a good chat and he was happy if he can have me join the company – if his boss agrees. So, the three of us sat down for an interview.

He was asking me technical questions, about reports, market and sales growth metric, KPI’s, competition and other questions that only a managerial role person would have access to.

To a shock, I was able to answer most of it…

I wasn’t a manger back then before I left. I was just a “Product Specialist”. He knew clearly of my position and why would he torment an innocent girl with questions like that? (I don’t know, are you with me? Am right?)

On top of that, the role that I was going for was also a product specialist, not a managerial position.

He went like a bullet train with questions after questions without any paused. I could only just listen and wait for him to finish talking…

And then, while looking at him, I smile and asked, “Which question do you want me to answer first?” His face changed!

Obviously he didn’t like the idea of someone that is able to answer his questions or even ask that question. So, he replied saying, up to you. And I provided all the answers to his question.

No further conversation after that. He just said, I’ll get back to you once we make our decision after shaking his head up and down saying…. I see.

I walked out, said goodbye to his boss and we went for coffee. We bumped into other friends that’s working in that company. (which was in the same team as he is)

We said our hello but I sense some discomfort aura. I didn’t know what was it until after four years and that’s a different story all together.

After a few days, wondering what’s happening or if they’ve made any decision. I gave my friend a call and asked… He said, the answer was “You’re not (the company’s name) material” – not going to mention the name, but yeh.

I’m not their material. How is it exactly to be a company’s material? How was I suppose to be?

Should I play dumb and not answer all those questions from the beginning and just say, I HAVE NO IDEA?

Was I suppose to dress up a little more sexier looking? Oh come on…

Anyway, it was a blessing in-disguise… The country manager was asked to leave after awhile, my ex colleague that tried to get me in, is a toxic worker.

Hence for the discomfort aura. I didn’t know how bad the whole situation was until after some years, when it’s all calmed down, some friends got together for brunch and had a chat about good old stories… work experiences… job seeking and opportunities experiences, that’s when I found out about them.

I was so glad they turned me down. = ) haha… I wouldn’t want to be in another toxic company right after leaving one.

More over, it was a multi-national company where I would foresee much more worse office politics. Nah… Nah…

For some of you that may have been following my journey, you would have came across the story of me joining my ex boss, Mr Francis… That’s when i answered his phone call.

Went into the office for an interview with him and the Country Director, two weeks later, I was employed.

… till the next episode of my story. 😊 Thanks for reading.

“Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement.” 

— Henry Ford

Episode 10


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