This Creative Marriage Proposal Idea Turned A No Into A Yes

Stumped By Your Thoughts And Decision? Sick And Tired Of Waiting For Your Man To Make The First Move? Here’s What Made Him Said “YES” To My Creative Marriage Proposal Idea.

Great! You’ve found the one to share the rest of your life with and you’re searching for some creative marriage proposal ideas.

No doubt, it’s a life changing moment. And you’re probably going through some of these stages in marriage proposal. If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably one of the forward-thinking women who’s willing to take the initiative.

Asking your partner to marry you is one of the biggest moments in life. Surely you want to ensure it is special, impressive and unforgettable. There are many creative marriage proposal ideas you can choose from.

You can make your loved ones go “Awwww” and be surprised. Or, perhaps, that hidden smile you’ll never get to see because he’s too macho to show it.

You can have it big and lavish with emotional experience shared among thousands of people at a shopping mall – or it can be small and sweet between just the both of you.

Above all, let’s say, you like it cute involving your pet in your room, that works perfectly well. Whichever way you choose to pop the question, it’s about two people making a promise to one another.

It can either be a surprise or one of you sharing thoughts about marriage and just pick a date. 

But you might have some of these questions…

“Will he feel too cheesy?”

“Will he still feel like the man?”

“Will he be embarrassed?” 

Guess what? It’s time to start asking. According to, attitudes towards woman proposing are shifting. So, if you want too, GO FOR IT.

On another note, a perfect proposal doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated nor stressful. All you need is the right time, the right place and the right details that fits your man.

I’m sure you’ll be inspired to make a move with your creative marriage proposal. In case you’re shy or sceptical to say it out, try putting it in print.

Here’s a story of how I proposed and the 5 stages “Of A Marriage Proposal”. You may find some of these interesting. With a little inspiration and creativity, you can have the most creative ways to make him say yes.

Ready to be inspired?

It All Starts With A Dream

Every girl dreams of a big white wedding. When I was a child, I’ve always wanted to be a princess wearing that big white wedding dress and a beautiful long veil.

Always dreaming that one day I’ll be having a fairy tale proposal and a fairy tale wedding. 

I would imagine my prince proposing to me romantically going down on one knee. And presenting a ring in a champagne glass. But In reality, I’m not dreaming of a fairy tale moment anymore.

Somehow, I’ve always had some creative marriage proposal ideas at the back of my head. 

On the other hand, it’s not impossible for you to have your fairy tale wedding.

When I met my fiancé and we had that first date. I never thought of even having a relationship with him or with anyone. 

“Love is a beautiful thing…”

Even true lovers need to be reminded about the little things that matters in a relationship. I think it’s also important to be aware of the moments before the proposal.

Of course, there will be disagreements and hardship in every relationship.

The only way to overcome those difficulties is to build and maintain a healthy relationship. 

Now, you must be thinking, what sort of little things that matter?

Making him that cup of coffee before he wakes up.

Preparing his favourite breakfast before he leaves for work.

Surprise him with a love note every now and then.

Comforting your partner whenever he has a bad day at work – May it be with words or just being there to hold his hands and be a shoulder to cry on.

You see, all these little things go a long way. You might just give each other a nudge for the next level. 

My Partner and I, we speak about the future often. We started living together, doing furniture shopping, and enjoy cooking together.

We decide what to get for our home together and respect both our suggestions. The house chores and bills were shared among us like a married couple. 

But the problem was… He’s still not asking the question. It wasn’t happening fast enough. 

Now, how do you make your dreams into reality?

Openness And Trust

No matter which type of relationship you’re in. I think being open and expressive is very important.

Trust your relationship”

It can be hard even for couples that has been living together for years. What more a long-distance relationship and your partner is almost never home. 

That’s why openness and being expressive is one of the most important traits in any relationship. 

My fiancé and I have a “Semi Long-Distance Relationship”. He works six weeks away from home and he would only be back for three weeks.

Often times, we communicated through emails and Facebook messenger. Due to the bad telecommunication signal, it’s difficult to have a decent conversation.

In the beginning of our relationship, I often questioned myself, if this is possible. Like most Asians, it’s typical to have a traditional relationship compared to a modern relationship.

To me, I’m happy if it’s a healthy relationship. I’m sure you feel the same. 

Negative comments started to come my way – some of it were:

“This won’t work out”

“He’ll cheat on you”

“Can you take it? He’s away for SIX weeks!”

“What if this… What if that…” 

Have you had anyone who says that to you? – if you’re in a long distance relationship.

Yes, it’s putting thoughts in your head. No doubt it’s a difficult journey. The constant thoughts and overthinking will just put you off.

I begin to ignore all that and kept myself busy by reading and writing.

Eventually, things got better as you both evolve.

“Start with being open and expressive towards your partner. Create that bond together and share your feelings with one another” 

In fact, it has made us both grown so much into the relationship. Being open and expressive is the key to a healthy relationship. 

I trusted the process, accepted what can’t be changed and created awareness around it. 

For those who is facing the same challenges, I recommend reading this book. It has given me the clarity and peace. You might find the book intrigued.

Let’s get into something more positive. The fun of asking questions and sharing lovely memories. 

Questions And Lovely Memories

Coming back to the creative marriage proposal idea that made him said “Yes.”

It was a proposal in print – You can write some fun questions and memories you and your partner have together. 

We recently visited Japan and we fell in love with the culture. I’m sure you’ve visited some interesting places together.

With that said, I folded three Japanese Crane with three different messages in it. After all, cranes are a symbol of love. 

Categorising them in three different categories – they are: 

Very Important



A simple message was crafted and written on each crane according to the importance of it. Guess which one was with the marriage proposal?

Believe it or not, it was the “Meh”. You must have thought it was “Very Important”. 

And maybe you have some ideas of your own right now. Excellent!

But are you thinking why is it not in “Very Important”? That sounds about right if the proposal were to be there.

That’s because…

It’s natural for someone to see the level of importance. And isn’t it fun to leave the surprise unexpectedly? He’ll be completely blown away and never would have expected a proposal. 

Surprise surprise!

Here are some examples for the type of questions and memories you can use to craft your creative proposal. You may find some of it interesting.

Questions – Creates curiosity

Are you wondering why it says “IMPORTANT”?

Do I Inspire you? 

Will I always be your special someone?

Are you still deeply in love with me?

What’s your next year’s vision?

My daily affirmation – I love you! Are we on the same page?

Can I sleep on the right side tonight?

Memories – A gentle reminder

I miss your hugs already…

I was just reading your email and…

Do you still remember our first date night at…

Oh, I forgot to tell you this… “I Love You”

You want to know something? My favourite vacation Is still…

Let’s have ice cream and watch YouTube tonight… Just like our first date.

When was the last we watch a movie in a cinema? Let’s go tonight.

By now, you have some questions or love notes running through your mind. Even if you’re not ready to propose.

Try one of these on a sticky note for him. It’ll sure put a smile on his face. 

A Little Bird Told Him

Now, “How” and “Why” I choose cranes and why three cranes. Seriously. I never thought of proposing at all. We spoke about it but none of us took any action to continue speaking about it. 

As I was folding some origami cranes one morning, the idea came to mind. Hmmm, would it be romantic to write him some love notes on a crane?

And hide it somewhere but tell him later.

So, I wrote a message on a small square paper. And then, another idea pops in mind. 

Why not write some of those questions and memories. Let it be a surprise after he reads it.

As mentioned earlier – by categorising them – each category has a specific hint. It’ll hint on which crane to open next.  

Why I hid it? That’s because he was leaving to the airport, going to work. So, I thought the best place to hide them was in his passport folder.

The moment he opened the first one, he sends me a text message saying, 

“Got it, just a sec”. 

Not long after, another text message came in saying…

“YES HUN”.        

I had nothing but smiles. Of course, you’ll feel the same way after getting a big “YES” to your proposal. Unexplainable happiness – definitely butterflies in the stomach. 

Certainly, asking your partner to marry you is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. You have to wait for the best time and the right moment to make it memorable.

It’s your story and it has to be an unforgettable story. 

“Only love of a good woman will make a man question every choice, every action. And only love makes a warrior hesitate for fear that his lady will find him cruel. Only love makes a man both the best he will ever be, and the weakest. Sometimes all in the same moment.”

Laurell K.Hamilton

Pre-Wedding Jitters

As the date gets closer, you might have flash backs on your past relationships. You’re getting nightmares before the wedding.

And constantly fighting and arguing while planning the wedding. 

And you’re starting to question yourself…

What if he’s not right for me?

Is he going to cheat on me?

Will he be honest and loyal with me?

Will our love continue to be as sweet as how we’re dating?

Will I still get some freedom after marriage?

Does he really mean it when he says, “I Love You”?

Are we moving too fast into marriage?

Why are we arguing this much?

Well, it’s perfectly normal to have cold feet before tying the knot. It is indeed a huge decision

Maybe it’s some assurance that you need… 

Maybe it’s just emotional excess baggage you need to clear. 

Regardless of it, it should not be ignored. And they’re not exactly enjoyable either.

What to do and how to deal with it? These are a few tips that might help you get some clarity with yourself or with your significant other. 


It’s important to communicate often. Tell one another about how you’re feeling every now and then. Good or bad, don’t judge. Have a clear and open mind about what both have to say. And lastly, don’t hold grudges. Apologies and move on.


Take breaks from each other. Practise time-out every now and then. Time-outs are not only good when we need to discipline our children. It’s extremely helpful to us adults. It gives us time to clear our minds and make a rational decision. 


Try some meditation at home or enrol for yoga meditation classes. When I had anxiety in the beginning of my relationship. I had so much fear because of past relationship. By taking deep focused breath has helped calm the nerves, center the mind and be more focus. 

You can try the four-eight breath method, where you breathe in four counts and breathe out eight counts… Breathe in four counts, breathe out eight counts… You can gradually move higher. Ten counts and twelve counts.

Talk to mum and dad

Mummy and Daddy always know what’s best for their child. So, if you need their advice for the last time as their baby girl. Go for it. They know just what to say!

In spite of both our history, I remembered my partner telling me “NO” to marriage. Even though we both spoke briefly about it. But there wasn’t much excitement like how a normal couple would have. 

One day you feel inspired and motivated. And cold feet the next day. So, I cleared the air by talking to him about it. 

I asked: 

“Did you really said yes because you wanted to?

He replied with a bunch of messages saying:

“Isn’t it obvious?

“Remember me telling you NO to marriage” 

“What you did… How you did it… It’s your story, it’s OUR story and it’s cool”

“I never thought or expect you to propose nor I’m going down on one knee”

“So, YES, without a doubt, I want to go the extra mile with you” 

“I had the same fear of proposing or asking you as well” 

“I’m glad you chose me”

“I have thought about dates a few times the last couple of weeks” 

My point is, in regards to gender. There is a certain level of fear in us. But if you’re absolutely ready and inspired. It’s time to take that plunge and show him your creative marriage proposal and make it an unforgettable memory. 


Take all the time you need. No plans are sometimes a good plan. Perhaps, you can start by giving each other some love notes. That might point out some hints.

No matter what occasion it may be. Giving him a note or two, may push the both of you with some inspiration to a popping surprise. 

But if you think it’s time. Why not start creating the best setting and environment. Craft your creative marriage proposal idea out so you can also get the yes without hesitation. 

Let’s summarized from the top.

Dream about your perfect proposal

Accept what cannot be altered and trust your relationship.

Be absolutely READY when you know he’s your soulmate

Share some lovely past memories to get inspiration.

Set a beautiful setting or environment to propose. 

Put your fears away. Be open and expressive towards your partner. 

Be around positive people and family for support and inspiration. 

Whether you’ve planned an extravagant or a small intimate proposal, it’s YOUR ORIGINAL way of doing it. 

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Plan your dream wedding together happily and support each other with any suggestions.

Next thing you know it’s “Wedding Bells”. 

About the author: Racheal Tan is the founder of RJ Global Swim Mobile. She’s a writer and a swimming coach – she brings her decade of experience to motivate and inspire the world to be a better version of themselves.

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