Love Notes For Him

We live in a modern world, love is not dead nor should it. Most of us these days are extremely busy and it can be hard to stay romantic. Oftentimes, we forget how to be romantic and take things for granted.

But if you are in a relationship with a great guy, why not leave him some love notes? I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. Don’t assume that he knows it.

Share your emotions and feelings with him. Tell him and let him know how much he means to you. Giving love notes to your husband and boyfriend can help flourish the relationship and keeps the spark alive no matter how old it is.

Don’t just leave love notes at the beginning of the relationship. A relationship is like a child you care for no matter how old they are. It can be of great use in any relationship. Bring back that sparkle and joy.

Keeping the romance alive in your relationship will ensure that things will always be exciting. Making that extra effort will continuously keep that fire going strong between you and your man.

There are many ways to use love notes. You can leave it on the fridge or kitchen counter if you leave home before he does. You can have it on a sticky note for his notebook or coffee mug.

A love note is a great way to make him feel special. If he’s feeling down or stressed out, it can lift his mood. Receiving a love note from you can help him elevate his mood to an even better day. If he’s already having a good day.

I once surprised my boyfriend with a sticky note on his notebook. It was a year ago and he still has it until today. It was just a brief note. It made him felt special and he was surprised to see it the first thing he wakes up in the morning.

If you find yourself missing him during the day, you can shoot him a love note through text message or e-mail. These are just a few ways to send him your loves notes. You can also communicate in your own creative ways.

These are some of the love notes I wrote for him during his six weeks apart from me. Maybe you find some useful notes. Pick any one and send him a love note right now.

You can use some of these to get ideas of the kind of notes you can leave for your man. One note a day? Two notes a day. Once in a while to spice up your relationship.

Love notes for him in a jar

  • When I look at our photos, I see the rest of my life with you. Have a great day ahead love.
  • You’re the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. And I love you deeply.
  • I was not planning on falling involve with you. But I’m glad I did it.
  • When you look away, I can’t help glancing at you. You’re my handsome man.
  • I’m madly and deeply involve with you.
  • Wherever you are, is where I want to be.
  • Do you know how special you are to me? No one in this world is like you. You glow in my eyes.
  • You are my paradise and I’m already there.
  • You are always and forever will be my rainbow.
  • I have loved you for many days and hope to love you for a million more.
  • Guess what? I love you.
  • To me, you’re perfect.
  • I love you with all my heart.
  • No one has made me smile like you do.
  • I’m counting down the hours till I get to see you.
  • I’m counting down the days until we meet again.
  • You are my true happiness.
  • There is no one else I rather be with than you.
  • When I met you, I never thought we’d come this far. I made the best decision for loving you.
  • With you, everything seemed to be clear.
  • Loving you, is as easy as a.b.c.
  • I’m addicted to you. I want you more and more everything.
  • You’re my happy place.
  • My love for you is forever.
  • I love you yesterday. I love you today. Will love you tomorrow.
  • I’m nuts about you.
  • I love you deeply my dearest.
  • Every story love is beautiful, ours is my favourite.
  • You’re my one and only.
  • You’re have the kindness soul I’ve ever known.
  • You have a way of making me smile everyday.
  • You have no idea how much you’ve changed my life.
  • You’re so special to me. I love you more than I love chocolates.
  • Let’s cuddle and snuggle in bed early tonight.
  • Let’s go for a date night like how we first met.
  • I bought your favourite beer and it’s in the fridge.
  • My heart skips when you touch me.
  • When I’m feeling down, all I need is to look at you. All my worries and troubles goes away.
  • You’re my better half.
  • When I see you smile, I melt.
  • You make me melt.
  • You are my best friend and one true love.
  • You complete me.
  • You’re the missing puzzle that I’ve been looking for.
  • When I look at you, I think it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.
  • I will never forget the moment you gave me happy tears.
  • I love you for everything that you are.
  • I love your untidiness, I love your sexiness, i love especially when you wake up in the morning.
  • I love waking up next to you.
  • I will never forget the moment I realise I love you.


When you take the time and effort to make him feel special, his actions will reflect on you and your relationship will grow.

No matter what occasion it is, find the reason to surprise him with a beautiful love note affectionally every now and then.

Sometimes, the only right time is right now. I always thought to myself, if I don’t do it now, when? If I don’t express and tell him how I feel, when? Our relationship has grown because of all the love notes I once in a while send to him.

May it be through phone text, email and sometimes I make a video of myself to telling I love him and have a good day at work.

Show him you love him, tell him you love him, even on the boring days and the most stressful ones. Never take each other for granted and try to avoid getting into boring routine to a point the relationship begin to stale.

Keep your relationship alive and fun. A love note a day takes the troubles away.

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