The Journey (Ep7)

I wanted the experience…

From my last episode of ” The Journey”. I’m gonna name her CB. So, the new employee came and I was responsible for her training…

You must be wondering if I’m treating her like how I got treated.

Oh, come on, of course I did not show her the same treatment as what I got from Ms CB.

That’ll be extremely cruel and I wouldn’t do it in a million years. Goodness gracious, I can’t remember her name but she is young and beautiful. Taught her so much, helped her closed deals, introduced her to all her key opinion leaders and yet she took it for granted.

She started expecting me to close deals for her. What? I mean… What?

Doesn’t mean that I closed your first few deals, I’m responsible for your sales. Right? All of us were given a specific territory with a budget to carry. That’s our quota. It’s our own responsibility. And we need to achieve that by the end of the year.

So I’m responsible for my own quota. On top of that, we both report to the same division manager. She’s not my responsibility even though we’re in the same team. We help each other, guide each other, and yes, I’m responsible to give her training. But that’s it…

It’s just training.

So, I got upset of course, especially during our busy moment attending conferences and conventions.

She’s goes missing all the time or busy texting on her phone. For one, I can’t tolerate with such incompetence. I resorted to Ms CB about this.

Believe me not, she just laugh. A good five minutes laugh. I was like, Hello… What am I suppose to do? first sentence she said was, hmmm, now you know how it feels like.

How am I suppose to feel? First off, she’s not my responsibility and I was trying to help her by being a good team mate. Unlike you (Yes, I actually said that to her).

And I asked, by the way, why did you not helped me back then when I needed help? Instead, you kept on telling me to ” Go read the catalogue”.

She laugh again and said because you deserved it. I asked why? Why did I do to pissed you off? She said, because whenever I tried to say something, you’ll immediately respond with ” I know, I know, I know”

Well, since you know, “Go read the catalogue!

And it was my turn to laugh. Oh boy, I had a good laugh at myself. But still she didn’t need to be a pain in the a**.

After a couple of months, our team expanded to one more sales representative. It was a male employee this time but he didn’t last long. I’m unsure if it was too tough for him or he was too soft for the job scope.

Oh well, not long after, another female employee joined our team. And I thought i’m a fast driver. Getting in her car is a must to buckle up.

I’m not going to say why but I think she’s confident enough to control her car without using her brakes too much. Now that scared me.

Well, she’s hardworking and fast. I’m happy to see a full team, four of us. But Ms CB will never be happy. She’s always finding fault with us. Hence for the script in my mind. If you’re five minutes late to work, She would pick the phone up, calls you, swears at you and say you don’t need to come to work anymore before she slams the phone down.

I would walk away when she’s in that mood. Why?

Because, she would scream at anyone she sees next and would just create a problem or pick on someone to satisfy her devilish mood.

So, to cut the whole two and a half years story shorter will all the nonsense, I was sent to Germany again for another training.

Oh yeh, another roller coaster of me wanting the experience.

Tell me, is it worth it?

… till the next episode of my story. 😊 Thanks for reading.

It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer. – Albert Einstein

Episode 8


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