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KL Tour : Batu Caves Temple, KL Bird Park, Batik Gallery – One of the many first time together

Good to have visitors. We can be a tourist in our own country…

We have a very special visitor this July, Pam flew in all the way from Australia.

We had so much fun together visiting KL bird park, Batu Caves (Indian Temple), the National Museum and Jadi Batek Gallery.

Exactly one week has past for her visit and I am so happy she enjoyed her stay with us here in KL, Malaysia. Our first tourist visit was the KL bird Park. I have been living here for more than 20 years and I have not been there once.

That place is a must to visit. IT IS WICKED!!! I am so impressed of the amount of birds they have. Well fed, well trained and all are looking healthy. It is kept in a large aviary by sections according to different bird families.

Hmmmm, I personally feel the tickets are a little pricy for foreigners but I guess if they are doing a wonderful job keeping it clean and beautiful. It is well used by them. It cost 65MYR for Adults (Foreigners) and 25MYR for Malaysians (gotta show your ID).

Friendly birds at “KL Bird Park”

Dates & Figs Pudding… Yums

Pizza Night

Back to exploring places. Hehehe, I got distracted a little.

So, After the KL bird park, we visited Batu Caves (Indian Temple). It is a limestone hill that has a series of caves and cave temples. Located in Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia.

To know more about Batu Caves, please check out wikipedia. Long story short, to enter one of the most sacred temple in the cave, you have to walk up these beautiful and colourful steps. It has a total of 272 steps.

On that day, I wore a halter neck dress with a high waist belt. I thought my dress looked ugly without the belt because it has a weird length. I had the belt there so I could tugged out a little of it and make it look sexier. Hahaha. Boyfriend said the dress didn’t looked ugly at all but NOPE…. to my eyes it is.

So…. we arrived at the temple and I was told to rent a scarf which will cost 7MYR (return the scarf and 2MYR will be refunded) lol hilarious. Good way to get people to return the scarf though. Anyway, I decided to remove the belt and let the dress flow down. The gate keeper kept on pulling my dress down to stretch it. hahahaha I find that hilarious too.

Boyfriend then said – “Oh no hun, but you’ll looked ugly in it” = )

Anyway, we walked up halfway, Pam was a little afraid of heights but we were happy to have taken some photos. It is worth making another trip to complete 272 steps. Good riddance we didn’t walk up all the way.

In less than 5 minutes, the sky got dark and thunder was rumbling. Be prepared when you’re visiting open places in Malaysia. Weather changes within minutes.

Having a foldable umbrella is very useful, long leggings or long dresses for visiting sacred places as such so you won’t waste unnecessary money.

Keep it for your beers and cocktails or Ice cream during a hot weather. It is very refreshing. Don’t forget to indulge in fresh coconut juice.

You can find loads of it at the foot of the temple. It usually cost between 4MYR-7MYR for 1.

Batu Caves Temple

Earlier today, we visited a Batik gallery.

Jadi Batek Gallery is one of the largest batik and handicrafts center in Kuala Lumpur. Its easily accessible location in the heart of Kuala Lumpur is enhanced by the warm hospitality of its staff.

Visit the gallery for a holistic experience in Malaysian batik and handicrafts. We spent 2 hours in their workshop creating a masterpiece, from sketching out my design, waxing the line and painting.

If you do not have any design in mind, you can also choose one of their design. They have beautiful designs available for you to sketch. They also have several sizes ranging from a small hanky to a huge pareo.

I chose a square silk scarf 90cm x 90cm. It is amazing to see how the colours blend together. Each and every batik designed is the one and only design. It is sketched free hand by their in-house artist.

No pencil sketch, it’s straight to waxing the line process. Once you draw the line with wax, you can then colour your batik. When you complete your masterpiece, they are several process to make sure the colour stays on the cloth and also removal of wax will be done.

Once they have completed with that process, it is up for sale and ready to be worn. The texture of this beautiful silky scarf, sooooo sooooo soft and the vibrant colours is so mesmerising.

Check out the progressive images I have taken by my beautiful photographer. Pam.

“Design a life that you are inspired to live” – Annette White


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