The Journey (Ep1)

The Moment I said “F*** It”

I quit the corporate world in 2014. Yep, as simple as that. I said “F*** It” to that job and lifestyle I had. As a Sales Team Leader from a multinational company.

No doubt, I love my job. Loved the position I was in. Loved my colleagues and teammates. I love everything I did and I was earning a six figures income.

So, why would I quit this wonderful job?

Here’s the beginning of my ” Life Journey” story by episode.

It started with francis. He was a General Manager at the previous corporation I was working for. Quit that job as well after 2 years without getting any employment contract.

I hated the people but loved the product. And I knew I can’t grow myself if there were too many rotten tomatoes surrounding me. I started to question myself.

Why is life so difficult?

Why do they have to be so cruel?

Why can’t they appreciate me?

Why can’t they be nice to me?

Why do they need to make life so difficult?

Just all the “Why”.

I had so many why questions and I was at one of the lowest point in life. I was afraid I can’t get a job. Afraid being out of employment for months and how will I pay my bills.

I had nothing on hand, but not long after all those scary thoughts.

Francis contacted me during the end of my second week break. He said : Racheal, since you have nothing on hand, I would like you to join me and my team.

You can continue your break – I’ll see you next month with an employment contract. It will be ready for you!

Oh boy, I felt relieved, grateful and all smiles on my face. I jumped with joy and continued enjoying my break.

Well, it’s almost a month on my break and I was getting bored doing nothing. I was like, Oh my God… I’ve always wanted a good whole month of holiday but this is getting boring.

Since I could only start my first day on the following month… Let’s enjoy this free time for now. I wouldn’t know when would be my next break or next long holiday be.

So, what I did on my break? I enjoyed my time doing a few laps of swimming. Catching up with long lost school mates and friends. We had coffee, meals and a good chat…

… till the next episode of my story. ☺️ Thanks for reading.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. – Izaak Walton


 Episode 2


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