Short Story | Yellow


Once upon a time, there lived a little girl called Evangeline. She was born with yellow hands and it changes to normal skin colour whenever she’s sad.

Evangeline is a very special girl. She is always smiling.

Evangeline likes to play with her friends at the playground. She also has a mustard colored dog named “Candy”. 

One day, on a beautiful Sunday, Evangeline went to a nearby playground. She said, “ I hope I can see my friends today Candy…”. 

She wanted to be the first person there, so she went earlier and waited.

She was so happy because she had gotten Candy and wanted to show it to her friends. 

Candy seemed happy and is wagging its tail as Evangeline talks to her.

As they waited patiently for her friends to arrive. Candy brought over a stick prompting Evangeline to throw it. 

She said, “Candy, do you want to play fetch? Let’s play fetch while we wait for my friends shall we?”

Candy jumps around with joy. 

Soon after, they started having fun together. 

Evangeline was getting impatient and her hands are changing colour… It’s not yellow anymore! I must be sad. She said.

Candy ran to Evangeline and started licking both her hands.

Candy knew she was getting upset because her friends are late.

She didn’t give up on trying to make Evangeline happy. 

She started to bark bark and jump around Evangeline.

After seeing her dog jumping in joy.

Evangeline’s hands turned to “Yellow” again.

That’s when her friends started to show up at the playground. Evangeline ran towards her friends telling everybody about Candy. 

Candy became a superstar!

After an hour of playing at the playground with her friends. It’s time for everyone to go home.

Evangeline and Candy said their goodbyes and started walking back home together. 

As they walk back home. 

Evangeline said… 

“Hey Candy, you’re the best dog I’ve ever had and you’re my best friend. I don’t want to be sad again. I’m happy to see my YELLOW hands. We shouldn’t be sad just because we can’t see our friends. I love you Candy. Let’s go home”. 

-The End-


A Short story about a little girl born with yellow hands. Accepting the fact that she can’t change the things she can’t control. And being happy or sad is a choice.

A choice we all make in life on a daily basis. To stay Happy or Sad.

Not forgetting, our actions impacts the loved ones around us.

Motivate | Inspire | create Opportunities

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