My name is Racheal Tan, born in a beautiful historical state called Malacca in Malaysia. I’m 37 years of age. A swimming coach, fitness therapy and clarity adviser whose passion is to bring like-minded people, inspiration and create opportunities to make the world a better place. Apart from being a superhero, my hobbies are traveling, getting to know all the amazing culture and history of its country. Exploring the underwater world that’s filled with color, life, and beauty. My life as a scuba diver is certainly one of exploration and discovery. When I am not traveling or at work, I tend to ponder on ways to expand my current business, blogging to share my stories with you. Sharing the journey of my life from where I was before, and to share the why, how and what I did to become the person I am right now. I like helping others to achieve their goals and in search of the clarity that they need. I love gardening and I am a beginner at knitting a couple of throws, although we don’t need those in our climate here in Malaysia, it comes very handily during my travels and as gifts. Maybe you can get one from me ^^

A year ago, I met someone amazing that changed my life. My best friend, my dive buddy, my travel mate, my debate opponent (Haha), a little kinda like a life mentor i think, my partner. Jay B. Hope you will enjoy the stories of my life! Thanks for reading